In 1974, at the height of the Cold War with Russia, the U.S. Military Bio-warfare division began a black op project known as Apocalypse. The project's goal was the creation of a serum that would block the fear response of a subject when administered. The serum had to have a high bio-availability and simple route of administration.  Ciprodol was developed under project Apocalypse in 2009 and at first seemed to be the perfect culmination of years of research and funding.  Not only did the first test animals show no signs of fear but they also exhibited an increase in both strength and fortitude. The serum could be nebulized as an aerosol or added to the water supply making its administration simple and efficient. In the human trials however it quickly became apparent that soon after administration the subjects would revert to a primal state of mind. They became baseless ferocious animals with no fear, no remorse and what seemed to be a driving need to feed on human flesh.

The project was scrapped and all evidence of its existence was erased, and the remaining Ciprodol was scheduled to be transported to Fort Carson in Colorado to be destroyed. That convoy never made it to it's destination, instead it crashed in a field in Weld County Colorado spilling it's toxic cargo.  The military immediately setup the Snowbrier containment facility and quarantined the infected to stop the spread...THEY FAILED!  The infected have overrun the facility and escaped into the surrounding area.  Those affected are no longer human, they are not your neighbors, they are not your friends. If you see someone infected, shoot fast, shoot true, and shoot to kill, do not hesitate, because they will have no mercy on you!!!!  The zombie apocalypse has begun...


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