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ZOMBIE PAINTBALL HUNT is Colorado's answer to the Zombie Apocalypse.  You and your friends will enter the containment zone known as Snowbrier (a military base that has been overrun) in one of our zombie attack vehicles outfitted with splatter weapons to locate and take out the infected.  So, the only question you should be asking yourself is are you up for the challenge?

Fall Festival

Access to the Anderson Farms Fall Festival is included in your Zombie Paintball Hunt or Terror in the Corn admission.  With tons of great activities, including the 25-acre corn maze, there is plenty of fun to be had.  Spend the day or spend an hour...it's all up to you!

Fire Pits

Get your family, a group of friends, or coworkers together for a fun night around the fire out on the farm!  We have fire pits available to rent for private parties, small gatherings, and corporate events.

Escape Rooms

We offer 5-Minute Escape Rooms.  Whether you want to escape from prison, free yourself from a maniac's secret lair, or pull off the diamond heist of the century...here's your chance.  Can you survive under pressure?? Try one or try all three!!

Paintball Gallery

Our old-fashioned Paintball Shooting Gallery offers a fun carnival experience, perfect for the whole family.

2021 zombie calendar


$27 Fri or Sat // $25 Thurs or Sun


$42 Fri or Sat // $40 Thurs or Sun

$33 Fri or Sat // $30 Thurs or Sun


$48 Fri or Sat // $45 Thurs or Sun

*Timed Ticket Attraction



The All New Platinum Pass gives you INSTANT ACCESS to Terror in the Corn & Zombie Paintball Hunt!!  It also includes: T-Shirt, Lanyard with your special Platinum Pass, Silicone Bracelet, Koozie, and your choice of a Pop-Socket or Phone Wallet!   ($175.00 Value)

* If you are in line past closing time, we'll still get you through.

Fall Festival admission is included with every Zombie Paintball Hunt ticket purchase.

For more information about our Fall Festival, please visit us on our main attraction’s page by clicking here.

Zombie Paintball Hunt is Denver's premier zombie apocalypse experience located at Anderson Farms in Erie, CO!

There are many ways to get here, find your directions below.

Where Halloween & Paintball Meet!

The Zombie Apocalypse has come to Anderson Farms. Help save the farm by joining the “hunt.” Each zombie-hunting wagon is specially equipped with a paintball gun for each passenger. Your team will be taken to where the zombies have overrun the Snowbrier Containment Facility – it will be your job to help us keep them at bay until order can be restored to the farm.

Good shooting & enjoy the Zombiance!

Outside paintball equipment such as guns and paintballs are unnecessary and will not be allowed on Anderson Farms property. All equipment needed will be provided. 

This is a timed ticket attraction.

Each wagon holds 20 people.  We will try our best to keep your group together, however we can not guarantee you will all be on the same wagon.


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